6 months in northwestern BC – Quest to photograph the spirit bear

As I’ve mentioned before, I make my living surveying. But I’m not the guy you see on the side-walk holding a silly pole wearing a ridiculously bright orange vest. I am in oil and gas surveying, which also requires me to wear the ridiculously bright orange vest… Generally it’s in very remote areas of the country, our normal day is; wake up in a hotel as close to the job as possible, drive 1-2 hours away from all civilization, once we get as far as we can by truck we unload quads(or sleds depending on the time of year) and travel as close as we can do the job then walk the rest of the day through thick bush, large ravines, and hope you aren’t eaten by a cougar.

Recently, I’ve been offered a great opportunity to work on a large project in northwestern B.C. over the next 4-6 months. We will be using a vast amount of resources to complete the job, from helicopters and sleds, to avalanche techs and Geotechnical engineers. I think it will be a great opportunity to explore some remote northern B.C. coastal mountains and share my experiences. As much as I’d like to document everything with my D90 I believe it will be difficult to carry it (safely) in the field, so most will be taken with my GoPro or iPhone unfortunately..

Northern BC is home to a lot of wildlife, Bald Eagles, Cougars, Caribou, and many others. The most interesting being the Kermode bear, or spirit bear as its more commonly known. Below you can see a picture of the “spirit bear” as well as a map of its sightings.

Photo Credit to Canadian Geographic

Photo Credit to National Geographic

The chances of spotting one of these is rare I realize let alone photographing one, but I’m going to be optimistic. If I’m not able to, I will still be happy with the experience and hope to photograph everything I can.



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