Review: MSR Evo Snowshoes

The MSR Evo’s are an entry level snowshoe from a well known brand. The Evo is made mostly for off trail snowshoeing, it has a thin profile and is on the shorter side at 22 inches. I purchased mine at Mountain Equipment Co-Op for $139.99, which is on the cheaper side as most are around the $200 mark. For this you get an aluminum framed shoe with high quality formed plastic riveted to the frame. The three straps are weather resistant and the “claw” below the foot rotates to make walking easier when in not ideal conditions.

For off trail use these work well, the width and length allows for easy walking through tighter area, or up and down slopes. For deep, loose powder you would need a longer and wider shoe. However, as an option you can buy “tails” for the Evo that add an addition 6″ bringing it to a 28″ long snowshoe. The tails snap on easily and are versatile if you are in a variation of terrains and for $15 a set they are still cheaper than a $200 pair.

Snoeshoes shown with “tail”

For a novice snowshoe’r these are reasonably priced, and will suit a variety of terrains. If you plan on jogging with them, or will be in deep loose powder, buy something specific for those tasks.


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