Review: 2012 Ford F350


Ford, Found-On-Roadside-Dead, right? We’ve all heard it. When you think of Ford’s you may think of the gas-guzzling early 2000’s Mustangs and F150’s, or the Focus which was so bland even your grandparents wouldn’t want to drive it. However, since the fallout of Ford in 2006 we have seen all of these and more revived so much that they don’t even seem to relate to their predecessor’s. Which brings me to the new 3/4 tonne and 1 tonne Superduty.


As you may or may not know much about the previous 6.4L Powerstroke, i will quickly bring you up to speed. The 6.4 used a smaller non-wastegated turbo to spool a large turbo, which was supposed to reduce lag in acceleration which eventually lead to problems after prolonged use. It used a DPF(diesel particulate filter) due to the new at the time stricter emission regulations. Although the new 6.7L Powerstroke uses the same DPF, its used in conjunction with DEF(diesel exhaust fluid) to further reduce emissions. DEF is added into a tank next to the fuel tank roughly every 8000km. That figure is based on engine temperature and speed, I’ve found over the past 6 months of use it lasts less than that, and is a bit of nuisance when it doesn’t line up with oil change intervals.

The engine delivers a lot of low end torque, 735ft-lb or 800ft-lb with a free software update at Ford, which is quite higher than the outgoing 6.4L at 650ft-lb. Horsepower figures are 390 and 400 with said update. Torque is delivered at 1600 RPM’s and is very generous while towing.

Economy figures may differ only because most of my time in the truck is idling or hauling about 2500-3000lb of gear, also the weather is a factor here in Canada. That being said i returned an average of 11L per 100km.

There is also a 6.2L V8 gas engine available, with figures of 385HP and 400lb-ft of torque which is recommended if you aren’t towing heavy loads, as it saves a hefty $9950.


There are a huge amount of box sizes, options and models you can choose from. From the base XL single cab to a King Ranch crewcab long box dually which obviously varies pricing significantly from $27,500 to over $80,000.

Some nice features include the rear view camera, which helps tremendously when backing into tight spaces, and the camera mounted in the rear view mirror is easy to use, and hides from sight when not in use. The upgraded mirror package is nice as well, with a button to operate mirror angles, which allows folds them in and out when needed. As well as a button to change the width of the mirrors, depending on the load you are towing.

All switches and buttons are easy to use, and easy to see in the dark. The steering wheel mounted controls are a nice touch for changing radio settings and checking truck information while not taking your hands off the wheel. One option i believe it is missing is the power socket, which both Dodge and GM are putting in their dashes to make plugging in accessories easier. However it does have two 12 volt plug-ins as well as USB input and AUX input.

Bluetooth is easy to use(once its setup) but i have been told its sometimes noisy on the other end while truck is in motion. The stereo produces good sound and having built in satellite radio is nice to have. Image

Lariat Model shown with optional Navigation

Compared to the Dodge 3500, it has a much smoother ride, a much smoother transmission and i believe it has a better reliability. I believe GM’s 3500’s have a smoother ride and more durable transmission, but they dont have the ground clearance Dodge and Ford does, if you plan on going offroad.

The new Superduty is a great improvement over the outgoing 6.4 Superduty, the ride is great, transmission smooth, with more than enough power to tow whatever you have. The slightly improved interior is very livable, and the blue dials are a nice touch.




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