Hello all

Starting off, I would like to give a little background on myself, as well as a bit on my fiance. We live in Cochrane Alberta, for those of you who don’t know where Cochrane is, it’s about 20km west of Calgary, and about 80km east of Banff. It’s amazing to be so close to some of the nicest backcountry in north america, and to have it in our backyard(we can actually see the Rockies from our backyard). I am a land surveyor in the oil and gas industry, which allows me to see lots of unexplored territory while putting a lot of gear and machinery through its paces. Amy is currently studying Environment Sciences, and has spent her last summer teaching students about water quality and the importance of it, while rafting down the Bow River.

We both love the outdoors, which is what you will likely see most. We do lots of hiking, mountain biking, snowboarding and have started mountaineering (at a novice level) amongst other things.

We both have a passion for powersports, however I believe I do more so than my fiance Amy… From lifted snorkled 8OO mud slingers to turbocharged mountain sleds with massive 163 tracks to stretched out busa’s, they have always been a passion of mine. I’ve been on quads since i was about the age of five, both utility quads and sport quads, with a few years now on sleds the interest in them is only growing. On the topic of powersports and all things with engines, anything automotive is also a huge passion in my life, from the moment i started crawling i had Hotwheels cars in both hands. Again, not a very specific genre of cars, I love the exotics and super exotic’s to crawling down a trail in an open top Jeep and everything in between.

Lastly, a newer hobby is photography, we’ve had a Nikon D90 for over a year now trying to take these hobbies of ours to the next level by perfectly capturing every moment, and doing so at a professional level(or trying at least).

With this blog, we are hoping to give insight on equipment and gear used in these activities. You might also see posts on places to see on our adventures most likely within Canada, specifically western and northwestern Canada, but I’m sure there will be others further from home.



Still getting used to WordPress and trying to work out the kinks, wish me luck!


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